CPR on Women: Stigma vs Survival

Did you know that women are 27% less likely than men to receive CPR if they go into cardiac arrest in public?

There are many parts to this issue, but education is the start to finding a solution. Not only are people are not used to practicing CPR on dummies that resemble a woman’s body, but there is also a sense of fear and hesitation. A study from the University of Colorado found that men are now twice as likely to cite a fear of accusations of inappropriate behavior or sexual assault as reason for not administering CPR. It’s time to bridge this gap in education and save the lives of women.

A new CPR dummy was made by New York ad agency JOAN Creative and the United State of Women organization, Womanikin. It is the first female CPR manikin that comes with detachable fabric breasts. The makers of Womanikin are changing the way CPR is taught and normalizing the female body. It is their mission that by the end of 2020, every CPR training school in the country has a Womanikin attachment so that thousands of people will be instructed on how to assist a woman who has gone into cardiac arrest.

Jordan Brooks, Managing Director and COO of United State of Women, states, “The United State of Women is thrilled to partner with JOAN on this important campaign to increase access to CPR for all women and girls. We believe the Womanikin is a crucial step towards training all healthcare professionals to perform life-saving care on all people, and to ensure that we move closer to the healthcare equity.”

Written by JennaWritten by Jenna
Marketing Assistant