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Physio-Control CODE-STAT 10.0 Data Review Software

Improve care with CODE-STAT data review software • Automate data collection from LIFEPAK devices • Recreate incidents by viewing waveforms in playback—including audio, if recorded • Add notes, photos or annotations for a more comprehensive event record • Identify areas for improvement to raise care levels and meet guidelines • Provide feedback to caregivers in a simple format as part of the QI process

CODE-STAT software highlights

Improving quality of care

  • Identify CPR performance variations
  • Easily edit auto-annotations for compressions and ventilations
  • Calculate CPR statistics, such as compression rate and hands-on time
  • Simplify performance review
  • Customize success metrics

Improving case review

  • Download, review, manage and analyze data
  • Organize case summaries
  • View multiple continuous waveforms
  • View EtCO2 trend data
  • Incorporate data from the TrueCPR™ coaching device

Improving data management

  • Organize patient files electronically in a central location
  • Improve event documentation
  • Create customized benchmarking and trending reports
  • Export case data in XML format
  • Customize data configurations to suit your unique needs with Microsoft SQL Server


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