FREE SHIPPING On All Online Orders! AED Management Program (Premium - 5 YR)

MYAED-US-P5’ exclusive myAED management program provides you with the tools you need to make sure your AED is ready when it is needed. myAED has two versions: myAED Basics and myAED Premium.


myAED Basics

  • Included with EVERY AED purchased from
  • Provides myAED Medical Prescription
  • Email Reminders for Monthly Inspections
  • Email Reminders 60 Days Before Pads and Battery Expiration
  • Direct Link to Reorder Supplies from Reminder Email
  • Email Reminder for AED Warranty Expiration
  • Free Access to myAED Personnel for Any Legislation Questions
  • Customer Support
  • Recall and Update Notification
  • Compliance Reports
  • Post Event Support
  • Event Data Download and Reporting
  • Free Loaner Program- Overnight Loaner Shipping

myAED Premium (*Includes Basics Items)

  • EMS Notification
  • Virtual Site Analysis
  • Risk Consultation
  • Tailored Site Response Plan
  • $2 Million Liability Coverage
  • 24/7 Customer Log In Access
  • Medical Direction
  • Customized Set of Instructions Detailing What to Do with Your AED Program from Inspection
  • Intervals to Post-Event Support
  • Medical Direction Recommendations Vary Based on Your Particular Environment and Location
  • myAED Premium Will Assist You in Implementing These Recommendations

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