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Stop The Bleed Kits

Stop the Bleed Kits are important first aid tools designed to control and treat traumatic hemorrhaging. At AED.US, we offer compact, high-quality bleed control kits to help you keep your community safe. Our bleed kits are available in a wide variety of options to accommodate the needs of trained medical professionals and non-medical personnel alike. Stop the Bleed Kits can also be used in conjunction with AED devices to help save those who suffer from both Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and traumatic injuries. Browse our selections today and receive free shipping on orders above $99.

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Bleeding Control Kits to Help Save Lives in Times of Need

At AED.US, we provide a wide range of Stop the Bleed Kits for home and public access. Divided into basic, intermediate, and advanced levels, our Curaplex® first aid bleed kits contain life-saving bleed control equipment to help the general public act as first responders in emergencies. To ensure your friends and family have access to a Stop the Bleed Kit when they need it, set up a first aid station in your community and place a bleed control kit next to your AED cabinet.

For victims of traumatic hemorrhaging, Stop the Bleed Kits are absolutely critical for immediate bleed control before professional help arrives. To help non-medical personnel perform first aid actions in times of need, our bleed kits are easy to use and carry. For those who experience SCA as a result of wounds, gunshots, or other traumatic injuries, Stop the Bleed Kits can work hand in hand with an AED to help save lives. If you have additional questions about our bleed control kits or other first aid equipment, feel free to contact our expert team via phone or email and we'll be happy to help.