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Cardiac Science AEDs

Cardiac Science AEDs have been an industry standard for the past 20 years. Their unique technology measures a victim's cardiac impedance before delivering a shock, tailoring the amount of energy to meet the individual's needs based on body type and size.

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Learn More about Our Cardiac Science G3 and G5 Series

At, we carry a variety of units from Cardiac Science, from the famous Powerheart AED G3 series to the newest Cardiac Science G5 model. These units are available in both new and refurbished conditions. Browse our listings below to learn more about our high-quality Cardiac Science AEDs!

Great for first-time rescuers,' Cardiac Science G5 unit is the first FDA-approved AED that combines fully automatic shock, dual language capability, variable escalating energy, and fast shock time. With advanced RescueCoach™ technology, Cardiac Science G5 provides user-paced instructions with both voice and text prompts. It also comes with an 8-year warranty, two sets of adult AED pads, and a medical-grade battery with a four-year fully operational guarantee.

Just like the G5 series, Cardiac Science G3 Plus and G3 Pro are favorites among professional and non-medical first responders. The Cardiac Science G3 Plus unit comes with a seven-year warranty, the patented RescueReady® technology, self-testing capability, and Intellisense® Battery Pack with a four-year warranty. The Cardiac Science G3 Pro AED is tailored for professionals, containing the three-lead ECG cardiac monitoring ability and manual override feature.

Have questions about which Cardiac Science AED to choose for your organization or personal use? Simply call or email our experienced customer representatives and we'll be happy to help.