How To Change The Batteries In A Zoll AED Plus

Although the batteries in your ZOLL AED Plus should last up to five years, it’s important to have replacements on hand when the time comes or after the AED has been used in a cardiac event. Follow these steps so you know how to change the batteries in a Zoll AED Plus properly:

  1. Open the battery compartment lid on the back of the AED unit by pressing the latch.
  2. Remove the old battery pack by grasping the bottom case and pulling it out.
  3. Check that the new Zoll AED Plus batteries are not damaged and is within the expiration date printed on the label.
  4. Insert the new battery pack into the battery compartment and push it firmly until the latch at the top clicks into place.
  5. Ensure the battery compartment lid is secured and closed properly after installing the new battery.
  6. Once closed, the AED will run automatic self-tests to check the battery installation and overall function.
  7. Confirm that the status indicator on the AED shows a green check mark or “OK” to indicate that the new batteries were accepted.

If you have any questions on the process of how to change batteries in a Zoll AED Plus, be sure to reach out to our team of experts at 888-652-1882. Plus, earn free shipping on orders over $99!

You can always replenish your existing battery supply by ordering a new Zoll AED Plus Battery Replacement Pack.






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