AED.US Has Finally Launched! has finally launched! We want and expect our AED Resource Destination (not simply a website) to be the preferred tool for any customer looking to place an AED, institute an AED program, replace AED accessories, inquire about state requirements, learn about the lives saved or satisfy a general curiosity.

This comprehensive tool allows you place orders online, request help from our experienced staff, or learn about AEDs’ features and benefits at your leisure. is a result of MANY long days of research, too-many-to-count consultations and meetings with industry experts, and the collective wisdom of over 75 cumulative years in the AED industry.

We have seen AEDs developed for only trained medical personnel (the size and weight of a car battery) to the small, designed-for-the-layperson devices we see today with multi-year batteries and CPR coaching. What an advancement over the last 30 years! As with most technology, AED manufacturers are always looking to build a better mousetrap. The technology that is packed into a <10 lb box is truly amazing. More than just a device that shocks a heart in distress, today’s AEDs measure a person’s body type, coach the rescuer in CPR, speak multiple languages, have digital graphics and communicate via wifi (soon available in the U.S.). The advancement in features is truly amazing.

Our mission at is to assist in educating more people about the importance of AED placement anywhere a sudden cardiac arrest is possible…which is everywhere touched by humans. SCA is the number one cause of death in our country, and there isn’t a close second. In many cases, this death sentence is treatable, but ONLY with a therapy-delivering defibrillator, like an AED. Unfortunately, most SCAs occur outside an environment where there is a trained medical professional. That means it is up to the rest of us to be heroes.

We look forward to building a safer world with you. Knowledge is essential to protect each other from sudden cardiac arrest and other events that threaten lives. Please sign up for our monthly newsletter and take this journey with us. We welcome any feedback you have on how to better communicate with the public about AEDs and CPR. This is a collective effort and we need your input to improve as a resource for the masses. Look for more blog posts and we are excited to have you on board.

Blog By Blaire CzarnieckiWritten by Blaire Czarniecki
Customer Service Director

Fact checked by Phillip Woods, BA, NREMT-P, FP-C

Blaire attended the University of Tennessee where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology- Child and Family Studies. She has been in the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) industry for over eight years and is the Director of Customer Service for Coro Medical. Blaire is also an American Red Cross-certified CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor, highly trained by each manufacturer on their specific AEDs, and knowledgeable regarding ALL State AED regulations and legislation.

“I know that every day I come to work, I am playing a part in saving someone’s life. I am passionate about these devices and am always looking for new and innovative ways to spread awareness and knowledge about Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). I look forward to the day when everywhere I go, I will see an AED—when SCA will no longer take any lives.”

Last updated January 1, 2018