All About our Encore Series AEDs

When you purchase a defibrillator, there are many decisions to make: which brand? Which model? Automatic or manual? New or refurbished? Luckily, experts at AED.US are more than happy to provide you with all of the information that you need to get the defibrillator that’s right for you.

In this post, we want to educate you on our Encore Series: our premier line of refurbished AEDs. We’ll talk about the benefits of buying refurbished and how we ensure that our devices are “good as new.”

Why buy refurbished?

The reason that leads most people to purchase refurbished devices over new ones is that they are more affordable. In most cases, refurbished AEDs cost less than 50% of their new counterparts. Especially for users who are new to the world of defibrillators, these low price points make emergency equipment accessible and available for everybody. 

Another perk of buying refurbished AEDs is that it helps the planet. Manufacturing machines as complex and durable as AEDs means that a lot of time, energy, and resources are poured into making each one. From the plastic casing to the batteries to the electrodes, each component of the AED requires natural resources. Buying refurbished equipment, which reuse large components of each device, is a simple way that you can help save our planet. 

The third reason that refurbished AEDs are a great investment is because they work just as well as brand new devices. To illustrate this, we’re going to give you some insight into our refurb process at AED.US.

Our Encore Series Process

We take great pride in our Encore Series AEDs, and for good reason. We have developed our process over two decades of selling defibrillators, and are now able to offer the longest warranty on refurbished devices in the industry. 

Each Encore AED must pass stringent, multi-point inspections to ensure that each aspect of the device is working properly and without any hiccups, glitches, or malfunctions. This includes going above and beyond OEM recommendations by testing 3 shocks into the defibrillator analyzers and recording the results to ensure consistent performance. Once the AED’s function is tested, each device is outfitted with new electrodes and batteries to enhance the longevity of the defibrillator. After another round of rigorous testing, our devices are placed on the market, backed by a 4-year warranty, making the Encore Series a trusted and economical choice for all users. 

For help determining which device is right for you, please give us a call at 888-695-1209.

Written by BlaireWritten by Blaire Kingsmore

Customer Service Director

Blaire attended the University of Tennessee where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology- Child and Family Studies. She has been in the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) industry for over eight years and is the Director of Customer Service for Coro Medical. Blaire is also an American Red Cross-certified CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor, highly trained by each manufacturer on their specific AEDs, and knowledgeable regarding ALL State AED regulations and legislation.“I know that every day I come to work, I am playing a part in saving someone’s life. I am passionate about these devices and am always looking for new and innovative ways to spread awareness and knowledge about Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). I look forward to the day when everywhere I go, I will see an AED—when SCA will no longer take any lives.”

Last updated July 1st, 2022.