HeartSine samaritan PAD 350P & 360P AED Overview with Phillip

PHILLIP: Hey guys, Phillip Woods here, flight paramedic and account manager with Coro Medical, home of AED.US. Today, we are going to talk for a few minutes about the HeartSine 350 and 360P AEDs.

HeartSine samaritan PAD 350P/360P:

Now both of these devices share a lot of similarities which is why we are going to do both in one video, but one of the key differences is that the 350 is the semi-automatic version, meaning that if a shock is advised there will be a button light up that then has to be pressed to deliver the shock to the patient. This is kind of an added safety step allowing the rescuer to make sure that no one is touching the patient and that the area is clear to deliver a shock. The fully-automatic 360P will advise you that a shock is needed. It will then tell you not to touch the patient and it will deliver the shock on its own. This cuts out a step in what is undoubtedly an already chaotic situation, but feel free to give us a call though and we can help walk you through which device might be better suited for your individual needs.

Features and Specs:

Now, both devices offer CPR Coaching, which means when you take it out of the package it will turn on [with a press of the on/off button] and tell you what to do. Also, at only 2.4lbs, this is some of the lightest devices on the market and with a high IP dust and moisture rating [IP56], they are absolutely perfect for situations, which are outside like concerts, athletic events, festivals, and also with their light weight and small size they are easy to travel with making them really ideal for people like our athletic trainers out there that have size and weight requirements they have to work within.

Adult and Pediatric Pad Paks:

HeartSine uses the proprietary Pad-Pak, pad and battery combination, with a full 4-year shelf-life making these some of the easiest and lowest to maintain devices on the market and they offer a pediatric version of that which is to be used on patients under 8 years of age or 55 or less pounds.


The device will perform a weekly self-test with a small light lit up to display if it is rescue ready or not, making it super easy to check and make sure the device is good to go just by a cursory glance.


Also, new devices come with a 8 year manufacturer warranty which is actually the longest in the industry. This means that now at this point nobody has an excuse not to be prepared for a sudden cardiac arrest event. So, for questions or purchasing options, please give us a call at 1-800-695-1209. Thanks for watching!

Blog By Blaire CzarnieckiWritten by Blaire Czarniecki
Customer Service Director

Fact checked by Phillip Woods, BA, NREMT-P, FP-C

Blaire attended the University of Tennessee where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology- Child and Family Studies. She has been in the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) industry for over eight years and is the Director of Customer Service for Coro Medical. Blaire is also an American Red Cross-certified CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor, highly trained by each manufacturer on their specific AEDs, and knowledgeable regarding ALL State AED regulations and legislation.

“I know that every day I come to work, I am playing a part in saving someone’s life. I am passionate about these devices and am always looking for new and innovative ways to spread awareness and knowledge about Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). I look forward to the day when everywhere I go, I will see an AED—when SCA will no longer take any lives.”

Last updated May 3, 2019