Our Favorite Heart-Healthy Meals

In celebration of American Heart Month, we have pulled together a few of our favorite heart-healthy meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Breakfast- Most of us have busy lives starting first thing in the morning. And unfortunately, we don’t have time for a sit-down meal for breakfast. Here are some great breakfast options to make quickly, in advance, or over the weekend, so eating on the go makes your heart happier, healthier, and full of energy to take on the day ahead!

Overnight Oats:

Healthy Egg Muffins:

Avocado Toast:

Lunch- As tempting and tasty as it may be, we all know fast food is filled with preservatives, food additives, and food colors that will have adverse effects on our whole body over time. Having easy lunch options will create better habits throughout the day, help us avoid that mid-afternoon slump in energy and productivity, and keep your heart healthier.

Heart Healthy Sandwich Ideas:

Salads to make in advance:

Wraps on the go:

Dinner- At the end of a long workday, the last thing most of us want to do is create a healthy, gourmet meal from scratch for dinner. Luckily, there are several kitchen appliances that make our lives 10 times easier if you do a little planning in advance. Slow cookers or crock pots will have your meal ready for you when you walk through the front door. Instant Pots can roast an entire chicken in about 30 minutes without dirtying any other pots and pans. Or leave the cooking to your oven and a pre-prepped, frozen casserole meal filled with heart-healthy ingredients!

Slow Cooker Meals:

Quick and Easy Instant Pot Meals:

Freezer to Oven Meals:


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