Sudden Cardiac Arrest: What to Do

Would you know what steps to take if your friend, co-worker, stranger, or loved one suddenly became unconscious or unresponsive? In honor of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month, we have outlined the 5 steps to take during a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. Print this downloadable poster to hang throughout your house and workplace to ensure you’ll be prepared when SCA strikes!

  1. Tap and Shout
  2. Call 911
  3. Get the nearest AED
  4. Begin CPR
  5. Shock with an AED

Learning CPR and having an AED nearby is critical in saving a life from sudden cardiac arrest. AED.US encourages everyone to raise awareness, advocate for public access AEDs, purchase a personal AED, and participate in CPR classes in your area to forge stronger links in the chain of survival. Shop our extensive collection of AEDs and call 800-695-1209 to place an AED in your home or workplace today!


Sudden Cardiac Arrest and what to do. The 5 steps of what to do during SCA emergency.



Written by Guest Contributor