Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Nashville Student Saved Weeks After AED Training

At AED.US, we talk about sudden cardiac arrest statistics all the time. It’s hard to imagine these numbers coming to life in our own communities, but stories like that of Nashville high school student Taylor Frost remind us that we can save lives right in our own backyards with proper training. We typically think of […]

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest: What to Do

Would you know what steps to take if your friend, co-worker, stranger, or loved one suddenly became unconscious or unresponsive? In honor of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month, we have outlined the 5 steps to take during a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. Print this downloadable poster to hang throughout your house and workplace to ensure […]

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Can You Use an AED on Infants and Children?

While sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) most commonly occurs in adults, children and infants can be affected as well. According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, roughly 2,000 children and adolescents in the United States lose their lives each year due to SCA. It accounts for 3-5% of deaths in children 5-19 years old, and 10-15% […]

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How to Respond to Sudden Cardiac Arrest Emergencies

October is Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month, and we want to celebrate by educating you on what we do best: saving lives. Together, we can strengthen our individual links in the chain of survival, keeping our families and communities safer.  What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest? Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a condition where the heart […]

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Workplace Safety: CPR and AED Training

  Does your employer offer CPR and AED Training? Does your workplace have an AED onsite? Who would help you if you went into Cardiac Arrest?     June is CPR and AED Awareness Month, and we are focusing on opportunities where shared knowledge and training could help save the lives of Sudden Cardiac Arrest […]

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Covid-19

We all know the serious damage the COVID-19 virus has on the respiratory system, but have you thought of the effects it has on your heart? New research conducted by Mohammad Madjid, MD, MS, an assistant professor of cardiology at McGovern Medical School at UTHealth, found that COVID-19 patients with or without underlying cardiovascular disease […]

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

If you’ve been on our blog before, you’ve heard us talk about Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) occurs when an electrical malfunction of the heart causes it to suddenly stop beating. This is usually caused by an abnormal heart rhythm called ventricular fibrillation (VF), in which the heart quivers and cannot effectively pump […]

Sudden Cardiac Arrest