Written by Blaire

Selection Sunday: Will Your Bracket Survive?

As we are headed into March Madness, the thought of survival is present upon the minds of millions of people in the United States and basketball fans alike. We are all thinking “will my bracket survive?” Or “will I win the work March Madness pool?” Or maybe you are just thinking about Kanye West’s March […]

AED INFO, Written by Blaire

‘This Is Us’ Brings Awareness to Heart Conditions

It’s safe to say that most people love or at least have heard of the show ‘This Is Us.’ Every Tuesday night, millions of Americans, sit in front of their TV and watch as the Pearson family’s generational story makes us laugh, cry, and marvel at the talent of the show. We’re used to having […]

AED INFO, Written by Blaire

AED.US Has Finally Launched!

AED.us has finally launched! We want and expect our AED Resource Destination (not simply a website) to be the preferred tool for any customer looking to place an AED, institute an AED program, replace AED accessories, inquire about state requirements, learn about the lives saved or satisfy a general curiosity. This comprehensive tool allows you […]

AED INFO, Written by Blaire