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Happy National CPR & AED Awareness Week 2018: June 1-7

Maybe it’s obvious, but we’re passionate about educating and providing tools that empower those involved in the Chain of Survival. This week, we’re especially excited about sharing moments to support life-saving AEDs and CPR. And that’s why this occasion is so important for us at AED.us to talk about. It’s National CPR and AED Awareness […]

AED INFO, Written by Guest Contributor

Our New Infographic: 8 Simple Steps to Saving a Life

In light of our #HowToSaveALife donation program, we’ve created a series of useful pieces of content to share about how to save a life using an AED. Are you passionate about saving lives with CPR or AEDs? We’d love it if you could share this and help to save a life. Are there any infographics […]

AED INFO, Written by Guest Contributor