Zoll AED Plus vs Zoll AED 3: Which Defibrillator is Right for You?

Let’s weigh the advantages of the Zoll AED Plus vs. Zoll AED 3 to help you make the best decision on your next Zoll AED.  When choosing an automated external defibrillator (AED) for your organization, these two models from Zoll clearly stand out.

First, let’s talk about where you can’t go wrong on either model because there are plenty of solid features you can count on.

Superior Quality
Being Zoll brand name products, these are definitely among the highest quality devices you can buy to deliver life-saving defibrillation therapy to someone experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.

Easy To Follow Instructions During Life Saving
Each has simple, graphic instructions, so there’s no guesswork involved on pad placement or rescue breathing.

Made Extra Tough For The Long Haul
The durability of both devices is impressive. The Plus or AED 3 can withstand being dropped and keep performing without missing a beat. That resilience is a big reason why both AEDs are built to last, with strong battery and pad lifespans.


However, there are some key differences to consider:

The Zoll AED Plus is Zoll’s most popular and affordable model. It has been used by emergency responders for over 15 years and is known for its reliability and ease of use.

Zoll AED Plus uses universal visualization prompts like voice commands and text displays to guide rescuers through the process step-by-step. It can defibrillate adults and children while using consumer lithium batteries that are easy to replace.

The Zoll AED 3 is the company’s more advanced model with additional features. Like the AED Plus, it provides real-time CPR feedback – or RealCPR Help® – to improve the quality of chest compressions.

Where the Zoll AED 3 stands apart is its higher-resolution LCD display, which makes following the audio and visual prompts easier with larger icons and clearer text. The AED 3 can show the patient’s ECG in real time.

Some additional advantages of the AED 3:

  • Lighter weight (6.7 lbs. vs 8.6 lbs.)
  • IP55 Ingress Protection rating for better weather resistance
  • 7-year battery and pad life (vs. 5 years for Plus)
  • Pediatric electrodes built-in rather than an add-on
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for software updates and remote monitoring


Which is the better Zoll AED for you?

If you’re considering a solid, easy-to-use AED that offers affordability for an environment such as a church, community center or small business, the reliable Zoll AED Plus is an excellent choice. It has everything you need to save a life in an emergency.

If you’d like an AED with the latest capabilities, consider the Zoll AED 3. With its larger screen and advanced, extra support features in a modern design, it’s a fantastic choice for professional medical settings, outdoor/mobile use or meeting pediatric requirements.

Remember this as you weigh the Zoll AED Plus vs. Zoll AED 3: No matter which you choose, having a Zoll AED on hand significantly improves survivability in cases of sudden cardiac arrest. The Zoll AED Plus and Zoll AED 3 will put you in a prime position to save a life when minutes matter – and really, that’s what matters most.

Even so, you don’t have to decide which device to select on your own. Talk to one of our experts from AED.US, who will guide you to the right Zoll AED for your particular needs, at 888-652-1882.