Meet the Coro Canine Crew: Brady

Tommy and Brady playing at officeAt AED.US, we value a positive company culture and work environment. That’s why our office is dog friendly! We would like to introduce you to the Coro Canine Crew and tell you what makes them so special. 

What is your dogs name?  Brady Jack

How did you come up with the name, does it have any specific significance?  He was adopted and came with the name.

Does he have a nickname and what is it?   Bman 

How old is he?  12ish

What breed?  Australian Sheppard/Border Collie

What is his energy level?  Mid-high

What is your dog’s favorite food?   Burger king cheeseburgers stolen from my desk when I leave to get ketchup.

What is his favorite game or toy?  Herding me.

Other likes and dislikes.   Doesn’t like to herd any farm animals, like his breed was intended to do.  Just me and my kids.

Brady in front of the office - spotlight

Funny things they do and/or weird quirks?  He likes to ’nip’ people when I’m not around.

Does he know any tricks?  Shake hands, play dead, and can sing to the harmonica

Independent or affectionate?   affectionate

What is your favorite thing to do together?   Ride in my truck

What is your favorite memory involving Brady?   Bringing home my kids as newborns, and letting him sniff them.





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Last updated January 11, 2023