AED.US Creates Custom Boxes to Improve Customer Experience

If you have ever purchased an Apple product, you know what detail they put in to their gadget’s packaging. The devices are sleek and have a cult following. The packaging, though, is almost a piece of art by itself. Far beyond correlated cardboard, the boxes are precise with clean lines, and it seems a shame to throw them away!

We have an employee that is an Apple fanatic. He has kept every iPhone box since the first one. Long after the phones themselves have been turned in, the packaging remains important to him.

There is little chance that our customers will keep our boxes, but we wanted to enhance the customer experience with our packaging. When you see an Amazon box, you have probably forgotten what it is you bought, but you know it is something that you either needed or wanted. It’s exciting.

When you order from AED.US, you have purchased something of great value. Something that may help save the most precious gift we have been given: life. The least we could do is wrap your order in something meaningful that differentiates it from the other, bland boxes you receive every day.