Coro Partners with Major Oil and Gas Conglomerate

With everything going on with our healthcare system battling the corona virus, the needs from every corner of our country have become magnified. Recently, a current customer was tasked with setting up remote healthcare facilities in some really difficult environments. The timeline was challenging: one day to prepare several manual defibrillators and ventilators. In the normal course of business, an order this size would take approximately a week to biomed, accessorize, pack and ship.

All non-essential work was put on hold and five Coro employees dedicated 100% of their time to completing the order so the customer received it when needed. Even the sales guy jumped into the process to make it happen.

In times like these, Coro customers can count on us doing anything and everything in our power to serve. Today’s climate seems to bring constant, and shifting, challenges. Our work family will always answer the bell and do whatever it takes to meet deadlines and exceed expectations. We are all in this together. And together we will overcome any trials we face.