Featured AED of the Month: Zoll AED Plus

This month, our featured AED of the month is the Zoll AED PlusThe Zoll AED Plus is a trailblazer when it comes to the AED medical device industry. The real-time and accurate CPR coaching successfully brings a victim back to life with minimal to no damage.

The Zoll AED Plus has an expert CPR coach that will instruct the rescuer to “push harder” if the CPR is sub-par. Also, it will reassure the responder if they are giving good compressions. Having an automated coach during the rescue is an incredible reassurance for the rescuer.

  • Metronome with real-time compression data
  • One-piece electrode
  • CPR Audio Coaching
  • CPR-D Padz adult electrode lasts 5 years

The device displays a bar graph that allows the rescuer to visualize the CPR that is being administrated. The audio cues make it much easier for the responder to save the life of the victim. This product was rated 5 stars in quality and value on our site.

The Benefits of Having the Zoll AED Plus

This AED is very simple to use because of the automated CPR coaching incorporated in the device. It helps anyone rescuing the victim from the cardiac arrest because it monitors the CPR you’re delivering at the time and prompts you to improve it, or it reassures and encourages. This lightweight device can be carried around anywhere, and in a life-threatening situation, it will be there to guide you through the rescue. Contact us at 800-695-1209 and our team can assist you in finding the best AED for your specific needs!