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As I hopped of the plane in Nashville from a quick out-and-back trip to Chicago, I noticed a commotion by the windows of Gate C19. Being in a hurry to beat traffic, I passed by without paying much attention. I then saw the two medical carts and decided to see what was going on. A half dozen BNA (Nashville’s International Airport) personnel were working on male victim and I witnessed a shock delivered from a Zoll AED Plus that had recently (one week prior) been placed in the airport by Coro Medical and

Seeing the shock delivered, I grabbed my phone and started recording. This made me feel very uncomfortable, since I did not know the outcome. If the patient survived, though, I would have been upset that I not documented the save. The professional, medical and security team at BNA were coordinated and communicated throughout the event. The video shows the Zoll AED Plus being used with the device’s CPR feedback feature being audible in the background.

The mood was somber as people pretended not to watch the event where the team of heroes worked diligently to save a person’s life. After the latest round of CPR, you can hear the AED say, “Stop CPR,” as the officer falls back in exhaustion. The newly-placed defibrillator then analyzes the patient and announces, “No Shock Advised, Resume CPR.” The next officer in line to perform barely touches the patient and he regains consciousness. The area around the gate erupts in applause, yet the team doesn’t stop. They simply move to the next step of the rescue, transferring the patient to the hospital.

This was something that few people get to witness and I’m grateful that I was there. If you are traveling through the Nashville Airport, rest assured that should anything happen that requires medical attention, you will be in good hands.

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