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Curaplex Stop the Bleed® Multi-Pack Kit, Basic


The Curaplex® Stop The Bleed® Multi-Pack Basic Kit is designed to provide its user with immediate access to products intended to stop traumatic hemorrhaging. The Stop The Bleed® Basic Multi-Pack fits into a standard AED case, first aid cabinet or drawer. It conveniently bundles four individually vacuum-packed Stop The Bleed® Basic Kits into a compact red pouch with clear plastic front.

Curaplex® Stop The Bleed® Multi-Pack, Basic Kit includes:

(4) Stop The Bleed® Kits, Basic
(1) Stop The Bleed® sticker
(1) Red Pouch

Each Basic Kit includes:
(1) Permanent marker
(2) Pair of gloves, latex-free, LG
(1) C-A-T® tourniquet
(1) Emergency bandage
(1) Pair of trauma shears, 7.5”
(2) Rolls of primed, compressed gauze dressing
(1) Printed insert, which shows instructions for use

Note: Kit is vacuum-packed and tamper-proof

Kit Dimensions:

  • Length: 12.5in
  • Width: 10in
  • Height: 3in


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