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Eric graduated high school in rural Ohio and followed his older siblings to Nashville in 1998 to attend David Lipscomb University. During school, Eric worked part-time at Dixie Medical. Upon graduation, he felt the call of the Mountains! Eric moved to Crested Butte, Colorado, and worked at a ski resort for four winter seasons. He would return to Franklin, TN, in the Summer/Spring season and work in the growing family business. After returning home to TN, Eric started the Nashville Burrito Company. The Food Truck business had just become very popular in the Nashville Area, and Eric was at the front of the boom. After running the food truck for a few years, Eric decided to return to his roots: Defibs! Eric joined Brothers Matt and Tommy at Coro Medical in 2018. The business was experiencing rapid growth, and Eric's experience and knowledge of the AED/Defibrillator industry was perfect timing.

Eric is a daily long-distance runner and enjoys all outdoor activities. With hiking and paddleboarding being some of his favorites, Eric still answers the mountain's call! On most of his free weekends, you'll find Eric heading 'out' with a paddleboard and camping gear in tow. He also deeply loves music and attending live shows for some of his favorite bands. If you have the opportunity to see him in action on the warehouse floor, you'll quickly pick up on the grooves that move him!