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Be prepared for unexpected accidents, medical incidents, and unfortunate acts of violence as you develop your school's Stop the Bleed program! Designed to cover the most critical emergencies like severe bleeding, airway complications, traumatic injuries and more, each Mobilize Rescue Systems kit contains modern medical supplies and is paired with an interactive app that provides real-time instructions to assist rescuers. There is no training needed to use the Mobilize Rescue app, which comes with each rescue system. Real-time guidance is provided based on the rescuers response to simple “yes” or “no” questions about the victim's condition. When organizations prepare with Mobilize Rescue Systems, anyone with the Mobilize app can help in an emergency, regardless of their level of training. Tennessee House Bill 0212 authorizes LEAs to develop and implement, beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, a "Stop the Bleed" program in consultation with local law enforcement.


Mobilize Rescue Systems Public Access Kit, Tennessee Schools


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TN HB0212 Requirements:


The program may be implemented in each school and, if implemented, must require:

  • That at least one bleeding control kit* is placed in an easily accessible location within each school;
  • That bleeding control kits are included in the district-level safety plans and building-level emergency response plans;
  • That all LEA employees receive training on how to use the bleeding control kit;
  • An annual inspection of each bleeding control kit;
  • An annual school presentation demonstrating where to locate, and how to use, the items contained in a bleeding control kit;
  • School officials to replace, as necessary, any expired or missing materials, supplies, or equipment required for a bleeding control kit.




Treatment Capabilities:

· Severe Bleeding  · Unconsciousness  · CPR  · Rescue Breathing for Children and Infants  · Trouble Breathing  · AED Application  · Opiate Overdoses ·  Hypothermia  · Seizures  · Choking

Each Individual Kit Includes:

· SOF-T Wide Tourniquet  · 4” Emergency Trauma Dressing  · QuikClot® Bleeding Control Dressing  · Hyfin® Chest Seal  · CPR Face Shield with Bite Block  · Emergency Space Mylar Blanket  · Trauma Sheers  · (8) Nitrile Gloves  · Marker  



Don't settle for any old stop the bleed kit and get Mobilize for your school today!


*BLEEDING CONTROL KIT means a first aid response kit that contains: (1) tourniquet endorsed by the United States department of defense's committee on tactical combat casualty care; (1) compression bandage; (1) bleeding control bandage; Protective gloves; (1) marker; Scissors; and Instructional materials developed by the United States department of homeland security, as part of the department's "Stop the Bleed" campaign; or Bleeding control materials developed by the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma.


**Tennessee House Bill 0212 provides immunity from civil liability to LEAs, schools, and LEA employees for any personal injury that results from an act or omission of an individual to control bleeding using a bleeding control kit, that does not amount to willful or wanton misconduct or gross negligence, if the "Stop the Bleed" program developed by the LEA and implemented in the school complies with the requirements of (1)-(6) above.

This bill classifies misuse or abuse of a bleeding control kit on school property by a student as disorderly conduct, which will subject the student to disciplinary action.





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