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ZOLL X Series Defibrillator

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The ZOLL X Series Monitor/Defibrillator addresses all the needs of your busy EMS organization during all stages of patient transport. Weighing less than 12 pounds, its durability and size allow for efficient and rapid transport from the EMS stage through to the hospital setting, all the while providing valuable data to all professionals involved. At every step of the way, the X Series’ features can triple the survival odds of your sudden cardiac arrest patient, no matter their age or weight.

In the Box:

· Manual or AED Defibrillation Mode with Real CPR Help®

· Advanced Communications Package (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB cellular modem capable)

· USB Data Transfer Capable

· 80mm Printer

· Large 6.5” screen with up to 4 waveform channels

· 3-Lead ECG Cable – 6 ft

· Multi-Function Therapy Cable

· CPR Connector

· A/C Power Cord, Adapter and Charger

· 1 roll 80mm Printer Paper

· USB Data Transfer Cable

· Carrying Case

· Declaration of Conformity, Operator’s Instructions, Quick Reference Guide

· One-year Warranty for EMS use

The X Series EMS Model carries the industry-best ingress protection/durability rating against dust and water of IP55 and complies with standards requiring normal operation after multiple drops from a height of 6’5”.

The ZOLL X Series is built on an expandable platform that can grow with your EMS, offering pacing and advanced monitoring features that include:

· Capnography

· Pulse oximetry

· Three invasive pressures

· Two temperature channels

· Non-invasive blood pressure

CPR Dashboard is available on both the ZOLL X Series and the R Series:

The unique to ZOLL CPR Dashboard provides detailed real-time visual feedback on CPR quality and gives EMS the rate, depth and release of each CPR compression by connecting with the ZOLL family of CPR electrodes. This Dashboard is available on both the ZOLL X Series and the R Series of monitors/defibrillators. Also available on the Dashboard is a numeric display of the depth and rate of compressions.

CPR Dashboard includes:

· Compression Release Indicator Bar: The compression release indicator bar that, when full, lets you know you have come completely off the chest to allow for full recoil.

· Perfusion Performance Indicator (PPI): A diamond shaped Perfusion Performance indicator (PPI) that lets you know both rate and depth of compressions are within current AHA Guidelines. The goal is that indicator should be “full”. The PPI indicator also points out the detrimental impact of pausing during CPR. When compressions are stopped, the shape quickly empties.

· CPR Idle Timer: The timer will let you know how long the patient has been without blood flow. The timer will start after 3 seconds without compressions.

All the features:

· Real CPR Help® to nearly triple the odds of your patients surviving cardiac arrest

· See-Thru CPR® technology that filters out compression artifact on the ECG monitor so that rescuers can see the underlying heart rhythm during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), thereby reducing the duration of pauses in compressions.

· 12-Lead ECG with Split-Screen View that allow for viewing latest and previous traces simultaneously

· Open 12-lead capabilities to reduce time-to-balloon by interfacing with all leading ECG management and STEMI systems

· SurePower II Rechargeable Battery that provides six hours of continuous run time

· Open communication with integrated WiFi for simplifying transmission and charting

· High-contrast color screen that displays up to four waveforms and can be equipped with a complete selection of parameters such as Masimo®, Rainboe® SET pulse CO-oximetry, Microstream®, etCO2, and Welch Allyn NIBP, with three invasive pressure and two temperature channels.

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