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Congratulations on deciding to equip your workplace with lifesaving AEDs! While we hope you never have to use an AED, we want to make sure you and your staff are trained and ready to use them in the event of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Our AED program management combines technology, best practices, expert support and important tools to help you be ready to save a life.

Together, we help keep your AEDs, People and Organization ready to save a life!

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Getting Started with MyAED.US AED Program Management

AED.US’ exclusive AED program management, MyAED.US, will provide you with the tools you need to make sure your AED is ready when it is needed.

MyAED.US helps organizations build a culture of readiness! AEDS are the lynchpin, and individual & organizational readiness, supported by technology, form the foundation of Program Management success.


MyAED.US Advanced

MyAED.US Premium

(Includes Remote Monitoring System)

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MyAED.US' comprehensive, proprietary software allows you to quickly and easily monitor the readiness of your AED program.

myAED Advanced

MyAED.US - Advanced


  • Full support and guidance from team to assist with Set Up
  • AED Rx accessible in digital file cabinet
  • Mobile app for easy access for inspections
  • Automated tracking and expiration reminders
  • EMS registration
  • AED program design
  • Medical direction and Physician review of events
  • Loaner AEDs (as needed)
  • FDA recall monitoring
  • Access to AED Law Center
  • Standard & Custom report options
  • Built in Resources direct from all AED Manufacturer’s

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myAED Premium

myAED.US - Premium

    All Advanced Items Included PLUS:

    • Remote Monitoring Solution (RMS) with cellular service
    • DAILY inspections and logs of your AED ensures your AED is ready to use 24/7/365
    • Reduction in staffing for enterprise organizations
    • Ensure every AED in your fleet is inspected the same way, at the same time, every time
    • Alerts sent to your cell phone in the event an issue with your AED is detected
    • Works anywhere AT&T, Sprint/T-Mobile or Verizon cellular signals are received

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