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Philips FR2/FR2+ Training & Admin Pack


The Philips Training and Admin Pack converts The Philips FR2 Series AEDs(s) into a training device by disabling the shock capability. Once in training mode, your FR2 Series AED(s) has access to nine different training scenarios. If your FR2 Series AED is connected to a simulator or a special training manikin capable of producing an ECG rhythm, the AED and Training Pack will simulate responses to various heart rhythms. Additionally, the AED can be reconfigured to your specific cardiac arrest protocol (these changes to default values should be performed by authorized personnel under medical professional oversight), and to reprogram to 2005 AHA CPR Guidelines.

When using your FR2 Series AEDs with the rechargeable Training and Administration Pack, the adult training electrodes (or infant/child training electrodes) may be used.
The Training and Admin Pack includes the Pack, one pair of adult training electrodes and Instruction Booklet.

The Admin functions of the Pack include:

  • set the time and date on the FR2's clock
  • read setup from a data card
  • receive setup through the FR2 via infrared communication
  • manually modify setup of the FR2
  • send setup from one FR2 to another via infrared communication
  • write setup to a data card

Important! The charger (model number M3855A) is required and is no longer available. You may use this product if you currently have, or have access to, a charger.
Although the Philips Training and Administration Pack contains a rechargeable battery pack, it is not suitable for use on a patient. The Pack is yellow and has a "flag" attached that remains visible outside of the defibrillator when in use to distinguish it from the AED's real battery pack.

Accessing the Training Function

1. Remove the standard or rechargeable battery from your FR2 or FR2+ AED.
2. Hold the yellow Training and Administration Pack by the latch end and insert the Pack into the battery compartment.
3. Slide the Pack in all the way into the compartment until you feel and hear it click into place. After the Training and Administration Pack is installed, the FR2 automatically turns on and displays the training script selection menu.

Accessing the Administration Function

4. Remove the standard or rechargeable battery from your FR2 or FR2+ AED.
5. Press and hold down both Option buttons while installing the yellow Training and Administration Pack in the battery compartment at the top of the FR2. Make certain the Pack clicks firmly into place.
6. Continue holding down both Option buttons until the FR2 beeps. 

Always refer to your AED's Operator's Manual for complete instructions and information. Changing the programming for your FR2 AED should be performed only by authorized personnel under the oversight of a medical professional.


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