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Philips HeartStart FR-2 Aviation Battery



This aviation-approved battery pack has the FAA TSO C-142 specification label on it.

No special reprogramming or installation steps required.

Philips AEDS operate on battery power only, so it is advisable to have an extra Battery Pack on hand.

Technical Specifications:

Battery type: 12 Volt CD, 4.2 Ah, lithium manganese dioxide. Disposable, long-life primary cell.
Capacity: When brand new, a minimum of 300 shocks or 12 hours of operating time at 77 degrees F
(25 degree C).

Shelf life (prior to installation): Usually, 5 years from date of manufacture when stored under
standby environmental conditions in original packaging.

Standby life (after installation): Usually, 5 years. >4 years when stored under standby environmental
conditions (battery installed, FR2 or FR2+ unused).

Storage temperature: +32 degrees to 109 degrees F (0 degrees to +43 degrees C).

Shipping temperature: -4 degrees to +140 degrees F (-20 degrees to +60 degrees C).

Battery limitations: Per battery labeling, never charge, short circuit, puncture, deform, incinerate,
heat above 60 degrees C, or expose contents to water. Remove the battery from your AED when

Maintenance and calibration requirements for continued airworthiness: None. For general battery
maintenance, please see your FR2/FR2+ Operator's Manual.

Aviation Standard Compliance: Meets FAA Technical Standard Order C-142. It is the responsibility of
the aircraft owner or crew to install this battery in a specific class of aircraft to determine that the
aircraft installation conditions are within the TSO standards.

Environmental qualification per RTCA/DO-227, Section 2.3: Passes parameters set forth for
vibration, shock, temperature cycle, altitude, decompression, and humidity. Meets following
acceptance criteria: No leaking, venting, distortion, fire, or rupture. Change in open circuit voltage


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