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Prestan AED UltraTrainer Single Unit with English/Spanish Languages


Introducing the Prestan AED UltraTrainer, a high-performance, versatile training device designed to enhance your CPR and AED skills. This advanced trainer is equipped with unique features that ensure a seamless and efficient training experience.

Key features include:

  • High Performance Training Pads with clear anatomical placement graphics, long-life adhesive, and a unique pad connector with a locking connector pin. These pads adhere well to all manikins without leaving any residue, ensuring a clean and hassle-free training session.
  • Pad Sensing System that allows pre-connected pads, on-manikin detection, and compatibility with any manikin. No remote control or plugging in connectors is required.
  • Protective & Reusable Pad Tray for safe storage and easy access to the pads.
  • Adult / Child Selection Button to easily switch between adult and child training modes.
  • Bright Illuminated Shock Button that flashes when a shock is advised.
  • On/Off Button with Lighted Indicator and Program Pause Option for easy and intuitive operation.
  • Five engaging Training Scenarios to simulate a variety of emergency situations.
  • Clear & Calm Voice Prompts for better guidance during training.
  • Chest Compression Rate Metronome with an option to turn it on or off and audible count reminders at 10, 20, and 30 compressions.
  • Automatic OR Semi-Automatic Shock-Delivery options.
  • Programming Option to either include or not include time for breaths after the compression cycle.
  • Long Battery Life with Low Battery Voice Prompt Warning and Automatic Shut Off to extend battery life.
  • Water & Splash Resistant design for added durability.
  • Compliance with current AHA Guidelines (2015).

Prestan AED UltraTrainer (requires three (3) ‘C’ batteries; not included) pre-programmed with English/Spanish language, one (1) set of pre-installed adult/child training pads, one (1) set of extra connector pins, and a nylon carrying case.

Shipping dimensions:  11" x 8.75" x 4.5"


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