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Tactical Medical Solutions TRAMEDIC®️ Wall Kit



The Tramedic Wall Kit is designed to serve in spaces where large numbers of people gather, such as industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, educational locations, and sporting venues. 

The Tramedic Wall Kit can be purchased with a wall mounted sturdy aluminum sleeve that holds the Kit in place, or as a stand-alone Trauma Kit that can be stored and accessed by trained emergency responders.  The removable soft case comes with a top mounted handle, as well as adjustable shoulder straps for easy transport. The Kit weighs 21 lbs and dimensions are 17”X17”X8”. 

The Kit is organized with three divider shelves and two pockets for maximum organization and efficiency.  Each individual subkit is packed on one of the three shelves, and is color coded, including number, text and icons for identification.  In the center of the Tramedic System is the removable Decision Tree Chart.  This is your overview instruction guide for using the Wall Kit for delivering and administering first aid.  It helps priorotize treatments and guides the responder to identify which subkit to use in a specific situation.  The individual subkits also have instructions and clear communications in them, guiding the responder on what component to use and in what order.

The Wall Kit comes with 50 licenses to the Tramedic Training Portal where you will have access to videos that explain and detail the components of the kit, and of each of the Subkits.  These videos are designed for users of all ages and are an added level of competency for delivery of first aid.  This is a useful tool for facility managers to use in ensuring preparedness.

Tramedic also provides kit tracking for product expiration dates.   They maintain a log of items in the kits and will assist you in ensuring that approaching expiration dates are tracked and addressed.

The Tactical Medical Solutions Tramedic®️ Massive Bleeding Sub Kits is a comprehensive first aid kit that addresses breathing, trauma, bleeding, burns, broken bones, eye injuries and many more potential first aid needs. 


(1) Care Giver Protection Sub-Kit:

  • 5PR Nitrile Gloves (size XL, purple)
  • 5x Surgical Masks with Eye Shields

(4) Massive Bleeding Sub-Kit (each containing):

  • (1) SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide
  • (1) OLAES® Modular Bandage

(1) Breathing Sub-Kit:

  • (1) Adsafe Face Shield

(1) Chest Injury Sub-Kit:

  • (9) Petrolatum Gauze (3x18", sterile)
  • (2) 2" Surgical Tape Rolls (10 yards)

4x Wound Care Sub-Kit (each containing):

  • (1) Tramedic® Trauma Bandage
  • (1) Krinkle Gauze (4" x 4.1 yards)
  • (1) ABD Trauma Pad (5" x 9")

(2) Burn Care Sub-Kit (each containing):

  • (1) BLAST® Bandage
  • (1) Burn Dressing

(2) Broken Bones Sub-Kit (each containing):

  • (1) Elastic Wrap (3")
  • (1) Moldable Acti Splint

2x Eye Injury Sub-Kit (each containing):

  • (2) Aluminum Eye Shield with Protective Cloth Cover
  • (1) Control Wrap 4"
  • (1) 2" Tape Roll (10 yards)
  • (1) Eye Wash Irrigation Solution (4 ounces)
  • (1) Sponge Gauze (4x4x12 ply, sterile, 1/pack)

(2) Casualty Care Sub-Kit (each containing):

  • (5) Heat-Reflective Emergency Blankets (84 x 52")
  • (5) Illumination Devices (orange)

(1) Minor Injury Sub-Kit:

  • (10) Adhesive Bandages (3/4 x 3")
  • (5) Adhesive Bandages (2 x 4")
  • (2) Pair Nitrile Gloves - size XL, Purple
  • (1) 1/2" Surgical Tape Roll
  • (1) Carmalt Splinter Forceps (4.75")
  • (3) Sponge Gauze (4x4x8 ply, sterile, 2/pack)
  • (6) Alcohol Pads

(2) Trauma Shears


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