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Infant & Pediatric AED Pads

In life-threatening situations like cardiac arrest, it is vital to know that not all AED pads are the same. Choosing the right pediatric AED pads to deliver the proper shock level is a crucial component of using this life-saving device on younger victims. Pediatric defibrillation pads, also commonly referred to as child or infant AED pads, are recommended for use on children and infants eight years of age or younger, or who weigh less than 55 pounds. These defibrillation pads adjust the energy level used by AED devices to deliver appropriate shocks when resuscitating young children. Keep your loved ones safe with and explore our selection of quality, manufacturer-approved pediatric AED pads from trusted brands.

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When to Use Pediatric AED Pads

While cardiac arrests occur most frequently in adults, Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) can still affect children. In the case of a cardiac emergency, defibrillation pads are placed on the victim’s chest to analyze and deliver appropriate shocks. Pediatric AED pads adjust the energy level used by the device to suit children and infants aged eight or younger, weighing 55 pounds or less. To learn more about the use of child and infant AED pads, visit our pad placement resource.

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