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First Aid Kits

While an AED is absolutely essential in a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) rescue, items from regular first aid kits are important as well. Scissors to cut through clothing to expose bare skin for electrodes, razors to remove body hair where the electrodes attach, and CPR masks are some of the items that may be needed in a rescue. Try AED.US' exclusive AED and CPR kits, or select a first aid kit made by one of the AED manufacturers.

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Use First Aid Kits with AEDs in SCA Rescue

In the event of a cardiac emergency, first aid kits are often used in conjunction with AED devices to help save lives. AED.US offers a wide variety of CPR and AED kits that provide everything you need in handy zipper bags or sturdy cases. Our AED first aid kits come with scissors, razors, gloves, sanitizing solutions, and other essential tools to assist with cardiac resuscitation.

Containing the finest first-aid items, our AED and CPR kits are easy to use. Some of our tactical kits come with specific first aid guides, empowering bystanders and non-medical personnel to respond effectively in a demanding situation. When not in use, these AED and CPR first aid kits should be kept next to your AED device at a visible location. We recommend setting up first aid stations strategically around your facility to ensure friends and colleagues can access a life-saving AED kit easily in times of need.

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