Donation Winner to Spread Awareness and Teach

If you haven’t heard about our AED Donation Program, you NEED to read this! And if you, someone you know, or a place you frequently visit is in need of an AED, this could be your lucky week! kicked off 2018 with a pledge to donate one Automated External Defibrillator each week. All you […]

Check, Check. 1, 2

“How can I tell if my AED is on?” “What happens if the AED battery is dead when I go to use it?” “How do I know it’s working and will shock someone if  it needs to?” “There’s no way to tell if it’s on, right?” “Do I wait to install the pads and battery […]

Saving a Life With #CallPushShock This CPR & AED Awareness Week

Seeing that it’s June 7, today is the last day of CPR & AED Awareness Week. At, we’re committed to saving lives through CPR & AEDs together. That’s why we wanted to share a joint project we thought you would like as much as we do. It’s between the Parent Heart Watch and the […]

Happy National CPR & AED Awareness Week 2018: June 1-7

Maybe it’s obvious, but we’re passionate about educating and providing tools that empower those involved in the Chain of Survival. This week, we’re especially excited about sharing moments to support life-saving AEDs and CPR. And that’s why this occasion is so important for us at to talk about. It’s National CPR and AED Awareness […]

Our New Infographic: 8 Simple Steps to Saving a Life

In light of our #HowToSaveALife donation program, we’ve created a series of useful pieces of content to share about how to save a life using an AED. Are you passionate about saving lives with CPR or AEDs? We’d love it if you could share this and help to save a life. Are there any infographics […]

Our First #HowToSaveALife AED Donation Winner: Lucas Lepri

At, “our goal is to place Automated External Defibrillators where they will be most effectively utilized, and Our Mission, Our Passion, Our Duty is to forge stronger links into the chain of survival.” As part of our commitment to helping communities become more aware of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, we have started our first annual […]