AED.US Scholarship Winner, Adam Chismar

Adam Chismar, a high school senior in Canton, Michigan, has been named the recipient of the AED.US Scholarship.  Adam was chosen by Coro Medical, home of AED.US, to receive a $1,500 scholarship. Adam is following his passion and pursuing a career in Business Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University.  We asked students to interview an AED [...]

The Importance of CPR Training at the Workplace

Here at AED.US, we are committed to forging stronger links in the chain of survival. We talk constantly about the importance of empowering bystanders to initiate the rescue process. Now we’re going to make a case for why all employers should provide First Aid and CPR training to their employees.  First, and most importantly, CPR [...]

Meet the Coro Canine Crew: Barley

Last but not least, here’s Barley. The newest and smallest of the Coro Canine Crew. At AED.US, we love bringing our dogs to the office to create an uplifting, positive work environment. This little one is definitely fun to have around!  What is your dogs name? Barley How did you come up with the name, […]

AED.US: Your One-Stop-Shop For AED Resources

At, we are committed to forging stronger links in the chain of survival. That means making AEDs, training resources, and knowledge as accessible as possible. We want to share some of our favorite resources with you today so you can start learning and help us protect heart health! myAED Program Management  When you purchase [...]

Meet the Coro Canine Crew: Braxton

At AED.US, we value a positive company culture and work environment. That’s why our office is dog friendly! We would like to introduce you to the Coro Canine Crew and tell you what makes them so special.   What is your dogs name? Braxton How did you come up with the name, does it have any […]

Prepare for the Unexpected this 4th of July

We’re all excited for a “normal” Independence Day - with family, food, and fireworks, many Americans are gearing up for a fun and exciting weekend. But it’s important to celebrate safely: every year around the 4th of July, we see a spike in accidents and ER visits.  During the two weeks surrounding the 4th of [...]