What is an Encore Series Refurbished AED?

We recognize that purchasing AEDs for your organization is expensive. Ordering used AEDs is an attractive option if your business or institution is operating on a limited budget, but it's important to choose a device that has been properly recertified to ensure it's ready to rely on during a medical emergency.

So what's the difference between a used AED and our Encore Series of refurbished AEDs? Here are four ways we stand out:

  1. We only recertify AEDs which have gone through the premarket approval process. As mandated by the FDA, AEDs which have not gone through the PMA process will not have device and accessory support beyond February 3, 2022. The process for PMA approval is much more intensive than the previous standard, and the goal is to ensure device safety and reliability.
  2. Our warranty on refurbished AEDs is four years – the longest in the industry. If the device fails at any point during that time, we will replace it and cover shipping costs.
  3. Every used AED defibrillator goes through a rigorous, multi-point inspection process.
  4. We have 20+ years of experience inspecting and certifying used AEDs. Our founders pioneered the recertification process in 1999.

Every refurbished AED for sale on our site meets this criteria and is ready to use when needed. Across our company, from customer service and sales to our founders, we keep Encore Series AEDs on hand and depend on their quality and reliability for peace of mind. While a price can't be placed on the value of access to live-saving devices, we hope one of our refurbished used AEDs offers an affordable option for your family, business, or organization. If you have any questions, our customer service team will be happy to assist you.