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Manual Defibrillators

AED.US is proud to offer both new and Encore Series manual defibrillators and equipment. Our founders started their own company focused on re-certified defibrillators in 1999. The manufacturers of these life-saving devices have developed technologies that assist our heroes: first responders and medical personnel.

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Manual External Defibrillators for Advanced & Basic Life Support (ALS & BLS)

Manual defibrillators and AEDs have many differences. While AEDs are for public access, manual external defibrillators are designed to be used by trained professionals. With manual defibrillators, first responders can adjust the energy level when delivering a shock, which cannot be performed with an AED.

At AED.US, we provide both new and used manual defibrillators for medical personnel and facilities. When you need your life-saving device repaired or inspected, let our factory-trained technicians take care of your manual defibrillator. Onsite and depot service are both available, and our Loaner Program is always free.

If you wish to choose a third-party service provider, make sure they are an approved distributor for your manual defibrillator AND they have the proper insurance to cover biomedical repairs. Most third-party service providers do not carry proper insurance that extends beyond general liability. We take our service seriously, and so should you. To ensure your manual defibrillator performs properly in times of need, relying on is your best bet.

AED.US ONLY sells PMA-approved devices from ZOLL Medical and Physio-Control, such as the LIFEPAK 15 monitor/defibrillator. However, we continue to support non-PMA approved defibrillators with parts, accessories, and service as long as the FDA allows (The deadline was February 3, 2022).