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AED Loaner Program

AED.US AED Loaner Program

AED.US offers a unique AED Loaner Program, ensuring customers always have access to a functional AED. If your device requires servicing—due to software updates, post-event data download, damage, or readiness issues—a loaner AED is provided at no charge.



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Ensuring Continuous AED Availability with Our Complimentary Loaner Program

AED.US realizes the importance of having an AED on standby at all times. If at any time your device needs to be returned to or the manufacturer, you will be provided a loaner AED at NO CHARGE until your unit is returned.

There are several reasons why your device may need to be serviced outside of your facility. These may include:

  • Software updates that cannot be completed in the field
  • Post-event download is necessary each time your device is used
  • If your AED is damaged for any reason
  • If your AED is notifying you that it is not ready for use (other than pad/battery replacement)

Shipping fees are included in this free program.

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" Although we are just now starting the process of working with Coro, they have been helpful so far and their loaner program means we will not have to be down an ambulance at any time while getting our monitors serviced. We look forward to a smooth process and working easily with them.” - P. E

" Thanks a ton! Phillip was able to extend our loaner contract allowing us to cycle all of our monitors through for service/calibration. yall have been good to work with so far and we are happy with the service.” - J M