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Emergency Medical Supplies

AED.US understands the critical need for rapid response during Sudden Cardiac Arrest and other emergencies. Ensure you're prepared for any traumatic event with our comprehensive selection of essential emergency medical supplies.

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Finding the Right Emergency Medical Products

While you can never be too prepared, it’s also good to know what you’re preparing for. At AED.US, we offer a variety of emergency medical supplies to help you feel ready to handle several potential events.

  • First Aid Kits: Our kits contain the most essential rescue supplies you’ll need during a cardiac event, including gloves, scissors, sanitizing solution, and more.
  • Mobilize Rescue Systems: Available in four configurations, these rescue kits combine the essentials of a first aid kit with instructions and tools to help bystanders take action during serious events such as seizures, cardiac arrest, and choking.
  • Stop the Bleed Kits: As the name suggests, bleed control kits work specifically to control traumatic hemorrhaging and can be used alongside AEDs to help those suffering from both cardiac arrest and other injuries.
  • Trauma Kits: Great for both medical personnel and bystanders, trauma kits contain similar supplies to first aid kits in a more compact package, plus instructions to help those without training deliver high-quality care.
  • CPR Devices: Designed for medical personnel, this rescue equipment allows trained professionals to administer consistent, high-quality compressions while moving a patient or treating other injuries.

Have additional questions about our emergency medical supplies and which options are right for you? Contact our team of experts for assistance.