Protect Your Heart From the Heat

Summer is here! While we enjoy longer days, trips to the beach and cookouts …we also deal with rise in temperate. If you live in the South like we do (hello Music City!) you know we also have an increase in humidity.  Sudden Cardiac Arrest can be a complication of heat stroke and electrolyte imbalance. […]

Updates from Coro Medical, Home of AED.US

It’s been an exciting first half of the year for Coro Medical! We have had tremendous company growth that has led us to outgrow our office and move to new headquarters. Come by for a cup of coffee and a tour of our sweet new digs! Drag the image below to see the transformation of […]

CPR on Women: Stigma vs Survival

Did you know that women are 27% less likely than men to receive CPR if they go into cardiac arrest in public? There are many parts to this issue, but education is the start to finding a solution. Not only are people are not used to practicing CPR on dummies that resemble a woman’s body, […]

How prepared are you to save a life with your AED?

Do you know when your pads and batteries expire? What was the most recent self-check status of your AED? Which members of your staff are trained in CPR and AED use? And when do they need to renew their certifications? Have your local EMS been notified of your AED and location? Do you have the […]

AED.US YouTube Channel

When it comes to owning an AED, it’s important to know the ins and outs of your device and to feel confident you are ready to take action if needed. Can’t figure out why its beeping? Don’t know if you’re putting the battery in right? Curious when your pads will expire? Give us a call […]

3 Key Pieces in Understanding AEDs

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the leading cause of death in the U.S. and in the workplace today, but with basic training you can be ready in the in event that someone has Sudden Cardiac Arrest near you. What are the signs of Sudden Cardiac Arrest? If someone is having SCA, you may see him or […]