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Sixty-six Years a Survivor: Stan Wisniewski SCA Story

Stan Wisniewski just celebrated 66 years since he survived his sudden cardiac arrest in 1954. Stan interviewed with the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation for the occasion, and his story is nothing short of incredible. He takes us back to the day it happened: December 17, 1954. It’s Friday, and Stan is working as a radiology […]

CPR, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Survivor Story

Nashville Student Saved Weeks After AED Training

At AED.US, we talk about sudden cardiac arrest statistics all the time. It’s hard to imagine these numbers coming to life in our own communities, but stories like that of Nashville high school student Taylor Frost remind us that we can save lives right in our own backyards with proper training. We typically think of […]

CPR, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Survivor Story