Sudden Cardiac Arrest Rates Have Spiked in Recent Months

The COVID-19 pandemic has dominated the news cycle for the past several months, from discussions about transmissibility to economic shutdown to drug trials. But a lesser-talked about medical phenomena during this pandemic is that the occurrence of sudden cardiac arrests (SCA) skyrocketed over the past several months. A study published in JAMA Cardiology reported a […]


Introducing the ZOLL AED 3

There are a plethora of conditions in medicine that we can’t cure or lack the knowledge to treat, but sudden cardiac arrest isn’t one of those. We know that proper CPR and shock from an AED are the two most effective ways to save a life after an SCA. The American Heart Association continues to […]


Workplace Safety: CPR and AED Training

    Does your employer offer CPR and AED Training? Does your workplace have an AED onsite? Who would help you if you went into Cardiac Arrest?     June is CPR and AED Awareness Month, and we are focusing on opportunities where shared knowledge and training could help save the lives of Sudden Cardiac […]

AED INFO, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Written by Leigh

National EMS Week- EMS for Children Day

Over 30 Million Children visit Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care Facilities each year from injuries, illnesses and disasters. The U.S. Congress started the Emergency Medical Services for Children Program in 1984 to determine appropriate pediatric medical care and standardized practices in health emergencies. This program provides everything from grants for equipment and supplies, research programs, […]

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National EMS Week- Safety Tuesday

EMS week celebrates both the EMS profession and professionals for the vital role they play in the healthcare continuum. Today we’re going to highlight Tuesday which is “Safety Day.” What word do you think of when someone says first responders? The first word that pops in our heads is “selfless.” These professionals are constantly there […]

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Mobilize Rescue Systems®

The Mobilize Rescue System provides the knowledge and equipment bystanders need to respond during medical emergencies. It is the only interactive trauma system that provides a comprehensive set of modern medical supplies and real-time training. Why is bystander rescue so important? The average ambulance response time is about 9-15 minutes. In that time, severe bleeding […]


AEDs with Real CPR Help®

Not every patient will need a defibrillating shock, but every patient will need CPR. Guidelines have evolved over the years, shifting focus from defibrillation shocks to high quality CPR. One way to ensure high quality CPR, is using devices that have Real CPR Help: a real-time, guideline-driven measurement tool that actively measures proper compression rate and depth, as […]