Stryker Medical (Formerly Physio-Control) Announces Retirement for the CR+

After a run of seventeen years, Stryker Medical is putting the LIFEPAK CR+ and LIFEPAK Express “out to pasture.” These AEDs have been the workhorses of Physio-Controls public access AEDs since replacing the LIFEPAK 500, one of the most successful AEDs ever, in the early 2000s. The LIFEPAK CR+ and Express were small, light-weight and packed a powerful 360-Joule punch.

With Physio-Control’s help, King County (Seattle) became one of the safest communities on the planet when it came to placing AEDs, promoting the importance of CPR and early defibrillation and, ultimately, preventing deaths due to out-of-hospital SCA (sudden cardiac arrest).

The LIFEPAK CR+ will continue to be supported through 2028 with CHARGE PAK, pads, lids and other accessories.

The LIFEPAK CR+ and LIFEPAK Express will be replaced by the LIFEPAK CR2 and LIFEPAK CR2 USB. The feature-rich LIFEPAK CR2 will have dual language capability, CPR coaching, escalating energy to 360J, wifi connectivity and more, all in an easy to operate AED. The LIFEPAK CR2 USB will be a less expensive version with fewer features; namely dual language and wifi connectivity.

The LIFEPAK CR2’s wifi connectivity is a BIG step for the AED industry. Many states mandate that AEDs must be accompanied with a management program that ensures the AED remains in ready status in case of an emergency. The CR2 communicates with Stryker’s proprietary LIFENET software regularly and notifies the proper individuals responsible for AED maintenance via email if there is any issue with the device.

Please review the notification from Stryker here and let us know if you have any questions: