Coro Offers Financing for Difficult Budget Environment

Who could have seen this coming??? The current crisis is unprecedented. The challenges are many, the climate changing daily (sometimes hourly) and everyone is anxious about how and when this tragedy will end. 


Our country’s healthcare system is suffering from the weight of increased hospital visits and a shortage of necessary supplies. Ventilators are suddenly the most valuable medical equipment on the planet, but masks, cleaning supplies and PPE products are also in short supply. The federal government is stepping in to address the supply shortage and we will soon see a tsunami of this gear showing up where it is needed most.


It is difficult to find the silver linings in times like these, but there are many. Thankfully, we live in the most prosperous country in the world, with a manufacturing base that can be mobilized to make whatever is needed to confront any threat. As unprepared the world was for a calamity like this, the U.S. has the greatest healthcare system on earth, and our brave, tireless healthcare professionals are, unsurprisingly, making us proud.


Several months ago, Coro Medical began to offer financing for equipment purchases over $1000. With commerce severely diminished, budgets are strained, but the needs have never been greater for medical equipment. We are seeing all types on creative financing from vendors in every corner of the economy.


If you are in need of equipment that is not currently budgeted, fill out our financing form to see what rate and terms are available to you to fill your equipment needs. Coro also provides in-house financing for all types of clients. Please contact our customer service team at 800-695-1209 or to see how we are able to assist you.