6 Life-Saver Answers On ZOLL AED PLUS Battery Replacement

ZOLL AED Plus battery replacement is one of the most critical factors of a successful life rescue in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. It’s also one element that rescuers frequently forget about and, unfortunately, you only get one chance at saving a life.

That’s why getting crystal-clear on ZOLL AED Plus battery replacement could be the Life-Saver you’re thankful for being educated on.

We’ve selected six of the top questions we receive at AED.US regarding ZOLL AED Plus batteries.


#1: Where on the device can I quickly check the remaining life on my ZOLL AED Plus batteries?

Look in front of the ZOLL AED Plus. To the left-hand side, where you will find the Status Indicator window. In that window, you will see one of two things: Either a green check or a red X.

If the green check is in the Status Indicator window, your device is fully operational and ready to use.

If the red X is in the Status Indicator window, you likely need to change the batteries.


#2: How do I know when to have a ZOLL AED Plus battery replacement?

Do you have a ZOLL AED Plus running on software version 5.32 or later? If so, a new set of 10 lithium batteries can typically last 5 years from the installation date.

So don’t allow your 10 lithium batteries to go beyond their 5-year lifespan! We know you don’t want to lose track of time and forget about ZOLL AED Plus battery replacement. Especially when life is on the line.

AED.US has just the thing to help you significantly minimize this scenario.

When you purchase a ZOLL AED Plus, you can take advantage of a free management program that gives you all the email reminders and notifications you need to stay on top of your next lithium battery replacement window.

5 years can sneak up on you when you least expect it. This management program tracks your installation date to help you change your ZOLL AED Plus batteries. So there are no operational hiccups that impact the AED from being ready to use.


#3: How can you accidentally throw off the ZOLL AED Plus battery life tracking?

Keep the batteries installed in your ZOLL AED Plus at all times, even when they are not in use. Removing the batteries prematurely could cause the device’s internal clock to reset and create problems with accurate battery life tracking.

#4: If the device runs on an old software version, should I replace the ZOLL AED Plus battery more frequently?

Yes. Any ZOLL AED Plus running a software version earlier than 5.32 must replace batteries every 3 years. Fortunately, AED.US offers the easiest way to help, with our AED Battery Recycling Program!

How does it work?

First, order a replacement battery so your AED remains rescue-ready. Do this before shipping out the old battery.

Second, ship your expired AED batteries to us. 

That’s it! Coro Medical will handle the rest. The program is free – you’ll simply pay the cost of shipping for your used batteries. We recommend you check your device once a month to ensure the pad/batteries have not expired.

#5: I don’t have 10 new ZOLL AED Plus batteries. Can I mix new and old batteries for the time being?

No. When you see a “Change Batteries” prompt on your device, you must use 10 new batteries with each change and cannot use old batteries. Remove all batteries from their compartment and discard them before installing any new batteries. Press the Battery Reset Button when prompted.


#6: How do I dispose of ZOLL AED Plus batteries?

The ZOLL AED Plus battery isn’t like any other battery. It’s a 123A Lithium battery with heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium and nickel. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), these types of metals can harm the environment if not disposed of properly at the end of their life cycle. In addition, tossing a 123A Lithium battery in the trash or a recycling bin as you would a “regular” battery poses a fire risk, especially if it is damaged or short-circuited.

Keep those heavy metals out of landfills and the air by utilizing the AED Battery Recycling Program, which can help you fully discharge the batteries and ship one battery per box to us. If you have more than one battery to ship to us, package the batteries in a box in which they do not make contact with each other during shipping.

Follow these steps to replace ZOLL AED Plus batteries properly:

  1. Remove the backplate on your AED. Insert a key or coin into the two slits on the bottom of your unit to loosen the backplate.
  2. Take out the old batteries and set them aside.
  3. Insert each new ZOLL AED Plus battery, beginning with the outer four on each side followed by the middle two last.
  4. Wait 10 seconds for a prompt to press the button above the two center batteries. This tells your AED that new batteries are installed.
  5. Replace the back cover.


We’re here for you at AED.US to provide the fastest and most accurate guidance on ZOLL AED Plus battery replacement specific to this device. Talk to us about disposal questions, procedures, or programs related to battery replacement from the manufacturer.

Contact AED.US Support at 888-652-1882, email [email protected] or visit the Live Chat area on our website during business hours.