Let everyone on your premises know that you've secured your facility with a life-saving AED (Automated External Defibrillator). AED signs and rescue kits are an essential part of any AED program as they ensure any potential responders are aware of the AED and its placement in case one is required for a person in distress. They are very popular with large institutions and facilities.

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) often occurs abruptly and without warning. In the event of a cardiac emergency, every second counts, and it's necessary that one gets treatment within the first three to five minutes. Making sure your AED is visible and easily found can go a long way in saving peoples' lives. offers a wide variety of high-visibility AED wall signs, decals, inspection tags and other accessories. From AED Flat Wall Signs to AED 3-D Wall Signs, Curved Wall Signs and decals, we carry a variety of styles and sizes designed to fit whatever your needs may be.

Our AED inspection tags allow people to be aware of your AEDs maintenance. The signs and decals are printed on weather-proof vinyl and can be placed on a window, wall, door or an AED wall cabinet. They will catch the attention of any bystander, directing even those unfamiliar with your premise or AED's location.

Implementing an AED program and having an AED on-site should go hand-in-hand with displaying multiple AED signs. Make it easy for bystanders to respond quickly to emergencies with AED signs and decals from Place your orders today!

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