Are you ready to save a life today? Do you want to win an AED?

At, we’re committed to reducing the number of preventable Sudden Cardiac Arrest deaths by placing as many life-saving AEDs in our communities as possible. This is our mission, passion and duty. According to the American Heart Association, from 2013-2016, out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival rates have risen steadily alongside increased use (and knowledge of) CPR by bystanders.

This means knowing CPR and having an AED accessible is truly life-saving! That’s why we’re excited to partner with the American Heart Association and American Red Cross to teach CPR skills and donate AEDs to cherished public spaces every week for the rest of 2018. We’ll include our best selling AEDs from Cardiac ScienceZollPhysio-ControlHeartsineDefibtech and Philips valued at up to $1699 each.

How? We’ll listen to you! Where would you like to see an AED placed in your community? We’d love to hear your story about a well-deserving public space you love where you’d like to see an AED ready to save a life--today!

Fill the form out below to receive an AED donated for your prized public space below and thanks for participating! Each week, winners will be announced across our social media channels and the blog. Win an AED today!

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As you'll see from the form above, there are 11 ways to participate toward getting an AED placed in your community with our #HowToSaveALife donation campaign.

Ways to win range from following us on social media to telling us why your public space should win an AED.

In order to complete your application to win an AED, tell us why your public space should get an AED. Include information such as, how often does your public space get visited? Why should your public space be awarded an AED?