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Disinfectant Wipes & Liquid

AED.US' new line of disinfectant wipes and liquid can help reduce the risk of contamination in both private and public spaces. Designed with the general public in mind, our SciCan OPTIM 33TB & OPTIM 1 sanitizing wipes and solution contain a non-toxic, non-invasive formula and can be used against a variety of novel viruses and pathogens. Keep your home, school, and office environments safe and sanitized today with disinfectant liquid and wipes from AED.US!

SciCan OPTIM 33TB and OPTIM 1 Wipes & Liquid for Infection Control

To help protect your home and community from infectious diseases, AED.US carries SciCan OPTIM 33TB & OPTIM 1 wipes and sanitizing liquid. Like many medical disinfectants, our sanitizing supplies can be used to inactivate germs, bacteria, and viruses on hard surfaces as well as non-invasive medical equipment. With patented technology, these disinfectant wipes and liquid are effective on a wide variety of surfaces and deliver fast disinfection results.

OPTIM 33TB & OPTIM 1 wipes are easy to use. Simply clean and scrub the surfaces you want to disinfect with the pre-moistened wipes. When applying the disinfectant liquid, spray the solution onto a dry towelette before applying it to the surfaces. Be sure to allow for 30-60 seconds of contact time for the chemical solution to inactivate the pathogens thoroughly.

Keeping your private and public spaces sanitized is important for the overall well-being of your community. If you have additional questions about our disinfectants and cleaning products, don't hesitate to call or email our expert team and we'll always be happy to help.