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AED.US Price Match Guarantee

At we're proud to offer a unique commitment to providing you with the best possible prices for life-saving AED devices. Our 115% Price Match Guarantee ensures that not only do we match a lower price found on a competitor's site, but we also give you an additional 15% discount. This policy reflects our dedication to making AEDs affordable and accessible for everyone. We understand the importance of these devices in emergencies, and we want to ensure that cost is not a barrier. Explore our terms and conditions to understand how we can help you get the best deal while ensuring the highest quality in lifesaving equipment.



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115% Price Match Guarantee Exceptions:

  • Non-verifiable prices

  • Out-of-stock items (must be in stock through both the competitor and

  • Advertising pricing errors or misprints of other retailers or closeout/”going out of business” sales

  • Competitors' credit terms and finance offers

  • Price matching on free items

  • Competitors' rebates, sales tax promotions, tax-free events and buy-one-get-one-free sales

  • Pricing from bid and auction websites

  • Competitors' service pricing




Products and prices must be listed on an Authorized Dealer's website, or an online advertisement, and currently in-stock.


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