Choosing the Right AED Machine for Your Organization or Personal Use

At, we carry a wide variety of new and refurbished AEDs for you to purchase. All new AED devices are shipped in factory packaging and come with the full manufacturer's warranty. Each of our portable AEDs also arrives with pads, a battery, and a carrying case. Browse our comprehensive selection now and learn more about the features of our AEDs from the AED Buyers' Guide.

An AED is a defibrillator designed for lay rescuers and non-medical personnel to treat victims experiencing Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). In medical emergencies, AEDs can deliver an electric shock to help the heart restore a normal rhythm. At, we are committed to offering high-quality AEDs for first aid, ensuring that you have access to a life-saving automatic defibrillator when you need it.

Different models of AEDs may contain different features and specifications. To provide you with the right AED device you're looking for, we carry emergency defibrillators from a wide variety of brands, including Cardiac Science, Heartsine, Physio-Control, Philips and ZOLL. You may also purchase one of our pre-constructed AED packages, containing your choice of AED machine as well as the essential accessories and management programs you need for your business, school, or home. For additional questions about our product features, feel free to call or email us – our expert team will assess your needs and make recommendations specific to your situation. Shop our AEDs for sale now and enjoy free shipping on orders over $99!