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Wondering how to change your AED pads and how often? Depending on the device you have, AED pads will need to be changed every 2-5 years, if not used. Luckily, changing the pads on your AED is simple! In this video, Blaire, the director of customer service at, will show you how to change AED pads on your device so that you are ready for rescue!



This is Blaire with Coro Medical, home of AED.US and today we are going to talk about how to change the pads on your AED.

All AEDs come with a set of electrodes, or pads, that are connected to the AED to deliver a potentially life-saving shock to the patient's chest. All pads have a shelf life ranging from 2 to 5 years and at that point they will need to be replaced. Replacing the pads is simple, no matter which device you have.


STEP ONE: Remove the lid


First remove the lid on your AED, if your AED doesn't have a cover or lid, continue to the next step. 


Removing the AED lid to change the pads


STEP TWO: Pull up on the pad connector cable


Next locate the pad connector on your device and gently pull the cable from the connection point.


Pull up on the connector cable to change AED pads


STEP THREE: Plug new cable connector back into the AED


Once you have removed the old pads from your AED, take your new pads and plug the connector into the AED until it either clicks or is fully inserted into the device.


Connecting the new pads to the AED


STEP FOUR: Make sure your readiness indicator is green or has a checkmark


A visual or audio prompt will prompt you when the pads are connected, and the device is ready to go! Remember to always make sure that your readiness indicator is showing the proper sign for being ready for rescue.


Check the readiness indicator to make sure it is ready for rescue


It's that easy! We also have individual videos explaining how to change AED pads on each unit and how to tell if your AED ready for rescue.


If you have any questions or for ordering options, please give us a call at 800-695-1209 or visit our website at AED.US. Thanks for watching!