Ambu® SPUR® II - Disposable Resuscitator


The Ambu SPUR II Resuscitator is the ”best resuscitator you’ll ever throw away”.  The single use, lightweight disposable device has been, for decades, the proven reliable resuscitation solution for trained medical professionals.  It is still the smallest, lightest weight resuscitator to date. 

The Ambu SPUR II Resuscitator combines a number of key components (materials, shape and design) to deliver respiratory care. Materials used contain no harmful plasticizers, but rather use SEBS polymer instead of PVC (not made of rubber latex).  The disposable device has no negative environmental impact.  The device retains its structural integrity throughout a range of temperatures (18˚ C - 50˚ C) (64.5˚ F - 122˚ F).  The clear design allows the single shutter valve operation to be visible at all times and provides visual feedback during resuscitation. 

The Ambu Spur II family includes resuscitators for infant, pediatric and adult patients.  Each resuscitator comes in a resealable bag that is color-coded for easy identification.


Ambu SPUR II Resuscitator Includes:

Ambu SPUR II Bag Valve Mask Resuscitator

Adult Mask

7’ of oxygen tubing

Oxygen reservoir bag

Instruction sheet



  • SafeGrip surface for secure handling in stressful environments
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design makes extended ventilations less fatiguing
  • Fast recoil time allows for rapid ventilation
  • Easy attachment of manometer and PEEP valve
  • Unique single-shutter valve system for reliable functionality
  • Swivel between valve and mask permits 360° positioning in relation to the patient
  • Integrated handle for user comfort and uniform compression
  • Thin-walled compression bag allows for lung compliance and “feel”
  • Extremely low valve resistance for unimpeded airflow
  • Soft splashguard for user safety




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