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Defibtech Lifeline ARM Automated Chest Compression Device


The Defibtech Lifeline ARM provides continual high-quality CPR when manual compressions are not an option.

Defibtech Lifeline ARM Users Manual

Designed for the real world


The Defibtech Lifeline Arm is designed to aid professional rescuers on the job, no matter when or where emergency strikes. This device is easy to transport, deploy, and pack back up again. It is lightweight and comes in a bright red backpack carrying case with foam inserts to keep everything secure. When you’re ready to use your Lifeline Arm, you can easily lock the device into the backboard, lock in the compression piston with one twist, and clip on patient interference pads. All of these features are intuitive, simple, and fast, so you can act rapidly when seconds matter.


Though this device is ready with just a few snaps and twists, it works in the roughest conditions, wherever the job takes you. The single-piece rigid frame provides structural integrity, and prevents distortion that could negatively impact compression efficacy. All of these functions work on the ground, in moving vehicles, in elevators, on stretchers, and wherever else you may need quality CPR in seconds. The Lifeline Arm meets military shock and vibration standards, and also has a high IP rating, ensuring that neither water nor dust will interfere with your rescue process.


Quality CPR while freeing up first responders


In emergency situations, rescuers have a myriad of demands that they need to tend to. The Lifeline Arm by Defibtech allows patients to get life-saving CPR while rescuers are able to tend to other needs. Patients may need wound care, IV placement, rescue breaths, defibrillation, or close monitoring in addition to chest compressions. This device allows first responders to focus on those other needs while increasing survivability with quality CPR. Rescuers simply snap the device into place, adjust the piston to the correct position over the patient’s chest, and then choose between two CPR protocols. These simple, quick steps and easy user interface streamline the rescue process, reduce human error, and allow rescuers to confidently treat other life threatening issues.


To be effective, CPR must be delivered with the proper rate and depth, as advised by the American Heart Association. The Lifeline Arm’s smart software uses an algorithm that adjusts compressions based on the individual resistance of patients’ chests, ensuring that all CPR is AHA compliant. Depending on the situation, patients may or may not require rescue breaths in addition to compressions. This device accounts for both of those situations, with “run continuously” or “run with breaths” protocols, which responders can choose and toggle between depending on the specific needs of their situations. For patients requiring rescue breaths, an LED light will cue responders to deliver breaths.


In addition to freeing up responders to focus on other tasks, the Arm also reduces human error in the rescue process. Even trained rescuers will experience fatigue after a few minutes of delivering compressions, and this can compromise the rate or depth of CPR. By automating compressions, the Arm improves CPR quality. Additionally, survivability improves with CCF. When rescuers are delivering compressions, they may have to stop for a number of reasons, such as providing treatment to other critical injuries or monitoring for defibrillation. The Lifeline Arm will deliver compressions while responders perform these other critical tasks, reducing pause times in CPR and improving patient outcomes.


Low maintenance and long-living


Defibtech provides rugged, reliable devices to first responders, and the Lifeline Arm is no exception. The long-life battery works for three years, is rechargeable, and is easily accessible, even during use. If any components of your Lifeline Arm need maintenance, a service light will be triggered, so you never have to wonder if your Arm will work when you need it most. Built to meet military standards and withstand dust, water, shock, and vibrations, this device is low-maintenance and high-quality. A USB port provides easy data transfer, so you and your team can review event data and continue to improve. For the durable device that allows rescuers to save more lives, the Lifeline Arm by Defibtech is on the cutting edge of automated CPR devices.


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